About Us

André, who has over thirty-five years’ experience in the industry, started the business operating in and around Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester, in Hampshire in 2001.  In the last twenty years, the business has grown into a thriving company with a showroom at the Commercial Centre.

Our clients include homeowners, landlords, offices, restaurants, hotels, conference centres, schools, theatres, the NHS, emergency services, retirement homes and charities, and we also offer a registered charity discount. We have fitted our products in almost every window imaginable – and have even fitted blinds in children’s playhouses and caravans!

We have a wide variety of choices available in our product range, and have an enthusiastic team, ready to help you match our gorgeous products to your windows.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and customer service.  We offer expert design advice, and our products carry a 12-month guarantee.  Competitively priced, we measure and fit our products for free and provide no-obligation quotations.  All our prices include VAT.

How do we work?

We make an appointment to come out and measure at a time convenient for you.  All our representatives wear masks, use hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes before and after each visit, and we clean the sample books after each viewing.  We bring product samples with us so that you can view the fabrics and colours in your own space.  We measure up and, depending on what you choose, will either provide a quote on the day, or as soon as possible after that.

When fitting, we will make an appointment at a time convenient for you.  Once again, our fitters wear masks, and remove shoes when required to do so.  Once finished, we remove all our protective packaging, and where applicable, remove and dispose of your old blinds – in fact, your gorgeous, newly installed products are the only indication that we were ever there!