Child Safety

At André’s Blinds and Signs, we follow the BBSA guidelines on child safety for blinds at home or in public buildings. If you have an environment where children under the age of 42 months are present or likely to have access you must install blinds which are compliant with child safety requirements BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.

Every blind style can now be made cordless, from gear operated with a crank handle (ideal for schools), to wand operation, hand operation and motorised. Some of the ways that safety can be achieved in all our blinds are as follows:

    • In-built safety devices, such as breakaway systems. This means that when the cord is put under undue pressure, the cord automatically pulls apart.
    • Supplementary safety devices – tensioning devices for looped cords and chains or cleats/p-clips for cords.
    • Cord and chain lengths can be altered so young children cannot reach.
    • No cords at all – motorisation or Intu Perfect Fit where they can be tensioned within the frame as opposed to free hanging.

We can advise on all your child safety requirements, for new or existing blinds.