Bay Window Blinds: An Expert Guide


Bay Window Blinds: An Expert Guide

What are Bay windows?

Bay windows are a beautiful design aspect of many homes in the UK. However, it can be difficult to decide how best to dress them with blinds, curtains, or shutters.

This is why we have compiled an expert guide to the bay window blinds that are best suited to fitting, whilst not compromising on quality and style.

Types of Bay windows

There are two common styles of bay windows, ‘angled’ bay windows and ‘square’ bay windows.

Angled Bay windows tend to present a more rounded look, with each window separated by plaster.

Square (or ‘box’) Bay windows typically consist of a large central window sandwiched between two smaller, side windows.

The best blinds for Bay windows

Firstly, measuring bay windows can be tricky, so it is recommended that you use an accredited BBSA member (like us) to measure and install your blinds.

Modern Solutions:

Wooden Venetians 

Wood venetian blinds are well suited to bay windows due to the various ways they’re able to control light.

Venetian blinds do not have to be fully open or fully closed and can be adjusted to whichever degree is most comfortable for the user.

What’s more, bay window venetians are fitted as separate blinds to each individual windowpane, so there are minimal gaps left between them.


Perhaps the most modern and on-trend bay window solution, shutters provide style and adjustability in equal measure.

Available in a range of colours to match your interior décor, our Urban Shutters can also be provided in various styles such as half-height, full-height, and café style.

Whether you want them fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between, Urban Shutters can be tilted or fully retracted to provide superior light control and elegant aesthetics.

Perfect-fit blinds

Fitting neatly into a stylish frame, Perfect fit blinds move with windows when open or closed. There is no drilling or screwing required so installation is quick and clean.

Perfect Fit’s unique thermal efficiency also helps reduce heat build-up in the summer and retains warmth in the winter, improving temperature control and keeping bills to a minimum.

Our Perfect Fit blinds are available in:

Reduced gaps at the edge of these blinds allow for enhanced light control and privacy. Not to mention, they’re cordless and child safe.

Traditional Options:

Roman blinds

Roman blinds always offer a luxurious finish to any room and can have a particularly warming effect on bay windows.

These luxurious blinds are particularly suited to bays as one can be fitted to each windowpane, providing minimal gaps.

Additionally, our Roman blinds are available in hundreds of colours, patterns, and high-quality fabrics!

Roller blinds

Roller blinds

Traditional, modern, and available in a huge array of colours and patterns, you can never go wrong with a roller blind!

Again, these would be fitted as individual blinds to each bay windowpane and are best suited to angled bays so that the colours and patterns of each blind can be fully appreciated.


Another timeless, warmth-bringing option. Curtains can be combined with roller, venetian or Perfect fit blinds for an added slice of luxury.

Our curtains can also be enhanced with thermal lining to save you more money on your heating bills!

Curtain poles can also be customised with choices in style, shape, and colour.

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