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Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

We have a range of motorised blinds that come with a slim remote control. With the possibility of operating up to 6 blinds at any one time, the remote control enables complete light control from a distance and is an ideal safe option for children’s bedrooms as there are no cords involved, they are also pet-safe! It is now also possible to operate several blinds from a smart phone with the right technology.

If you are responsible for dressing windows in large public spaces, remote-controlled motorised blinds offer a solution as you can operate them from a distance.

For people with mobility issues who may find it hard to operate or reach a cord or wand, remote-control motorised blinds offer an ideal solution.

A popular choice of a motorised blind is our Vision rollers which are made with two layers of the delicate fabric attached by horizontal vanes that filter sunlight into the home. With a remote control, these blinds can be raised or lowered for full outside view, partial view of completely closed for total privacy – all from the comfort of your armchair!

All of our remote-controlled blinds can be made to your specific requirements. Please ask us if you would like this option on your chosen blind.

Click here to see a video of remote-controlled blinds in action!