Insect Screens

Insects spoiling your fun? Keep those pesky flies at bay with one of our high-quality, discreet insect screens. Whether your needs are domestic or commercial, we have a fly screen for you!

  • Ideal for use with existing French doors.
  • Soft-close brakes are fitted as standard to all models.
  • Excellent airflow qualities and insect protection.


Unika insect screens features a retractable mesh neatly retracts from view, making this screen discreet and ideal for domestic use. What’s more, the Unika screen is unobtrusive, featuring a slimline, rounded 36mm cassette. The spring-tensioned screen simply pulls down and securely locks into the concealed side-channel catches which include a soft close brake.


The Genius insect screen is a fully cassetted and retractable screen,  manufactured with powder coated aluminium profiles. The fly screen mesh neatly retracts from view making this screen disappear out of sight when not in use. Designed for domestic and light commercial use, the Genius window are versatile and retractable fly screens.