Save money on heating with Blinds & Shutters!

Save money on heating with Blinds & Shutters!

In the Winter months, thermal layers are a must… So why not save money and put a jacket on your home?

A European study recently found that UK homes are losing heat (and money) 3 times faster than those of our European neighbours!

We insulate our walls, so why not insulate our windows as well?

Did you know? windows are the part of your house that will lose the most heat if not dressed properly!

Further, the older your windows, the more heat will be lost.

A recent scientific study has found that blinds and shutters can reduce heat loss through a window by up to 66%.

Traditional Bi-Fold Shutters and Roller Blinds with a low-e coating were found to be the most effective energy savers.

In addition, Honeycomb/Pleated blinds have been found to reduce heat loss by 47-60%.

In fact, these window dressings can even save money by preventing a full window replacement.

The study also found that adequately dressed single-glazed windows were more energy efficient than the double-glazed alternative.

With energy prices on the rise, insulating your windows now makes more sense than ever…

We advise on, supply and fit high-quality, money-saving blinds and shutters in Andover and the surrounding areas.

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