Struggling with light control? Here’s some expert advice…


Struggling with light control? Here’s some expert advice…

Every room is enhanced by the presence of natural light, but that light can become irritating if not properly controlled. Luckily for you, there’s a blind for that!

Different types of blinds and shutters control light in their own unique way, but here are some tips for maximising their potential…

Urban/MDF Shutters

Our shutters are traditional, contemporary, versatile, and timeless. All our shutters are available in varying slat sizes and a choice of operating modes and light-controlling configurations:

  • Full height: ideal for all windows including patio doors or large windows, with or without a mid-rail so they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Café style: popular for privacy on main roads.
  • Tracked: sliding on a track and concertina back, ideal for patio doors enabling you to make the most of your view.

Therefore, our range of shutters offer the ultimate light control and privacy, allowing you to let as much or as little light in as you desire!

Vision/Mirage Blinds

Also known as ‘Day and Night blinds’, Vision blinds are a luxurious window furnishing.

With two layers of translucent and opaque striped fabric that allow you to have them fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between.

The bottom bar on our vision blinds also tucks in neatly behind the headrail when fully open, maximising the natural light potential of any room.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a timeless, elegant, and sleek option for light and privacy control. Available in various styles and materials, we have something for everyone!

Venetians can be tilted a full 180 degrees to allow for just the right amount of light control in any room. What’s more, there are various slat sizes available to cater for any window size and amount of shade required.

Expert Tip: Tilt the slats upwards to maximise natural light and reduce glare!

Light-controlling features:

  • They can be drawn neatly to the left, right, or split in the middle.
  • Their flexibility means that they can also be adjusted for shading or privacy.
  • They are available in a stunning range of light-filtering, dimout or blackout fabrics.
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