What to expect from a ‘Blackout blind’?


What to expect from a ‘Blackout blind’?

The term ‘Blackout blind’ is a popular term for customers and advertisers alike in the Blinds and Shutters industry.

However, it is important to remember that no Blind or Shutter can block 100% of light from entering a room via the windows.

Many customers are misled to believe that blinds advertised as ‘blackout’ will provide comprehensive light blockage.

Unfortunately, light will always find a way to penetrate the minimal gaps between the slats or edges of the blind, producing a bright, ‘halo effect’ that may leave customers disappointed with their purchase.

Therefore, if light control is an important factor in your product choice, certain aspects can be considered to improve ‘dimout’ capability:

  • Blinds can be installed outside of the recess to help cover gaps.
  • Slats in darker colours may reduce light reflection.
  • Top cassettes and bottom rails can also help to block extra light.
  • Pleated/Honeycomb fabrics leave no visible cord holes through the fabric.

Below are some considerations for specific products.

Blackout Blinds

Venetian blinds & Shutters

Slatted products such as Venetians and Shutters can give you significant light exclusion when closed shut.

However, there will always be small amounts of light filtering through the minimal gaps between each slat.

In addition, attaching a bottom rail to your venetian blind can prevent swaying when the windows open to block as much light as possible.

Similarly, light control provided by Shutters is dependent on the individual louvre (slat) size.

The larger the louvre, the more light will filter through. This can be mitigated by adding a blackout pleated/cellular blind behind the shutter.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds in blackout fabrics will give you a good level of dim-out in your room.

Although, there will still be a halo effect of light coming from around the edges of the blind.

Installing the blind outside of the recess can provide better light blockage, than blinds installed within the recess.

Vertical & Pleated blinds

Once again, Vertical blinds manufactured in blackout fabrics will provide a good degree of light control.

However, due to their airy design, Vertical blinds are not able to provide comprehensive blackout.

This is also the case for Cellular/Pleated blinds. Although fitting both outside of the recess will help to block more light from filtering in. 

Cassetted blinds

Cassetted blinds provide the most comprehensive blackout solution.

The sides and extremities of the blind (source of the halo effect) are 99% sealed, meaning that an almost total blackout effect can be achieved.

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